Everyone can benefit from an extra pair of eyes!

We'll edit your novel, memoir, admissions essay, or graduate thesis to get results!


Need a resume or cover letter updated? We can tweak your resume and cover letter for you.


Need editorial feedback on your manuscript? We can provide a macro edit for you and improve the writing.


Need help with your college essay or personal admissions essay? We got you covered. We know how to improve the story in your essay stand out for college admissions officers.

Four Eyes Edit is a Nashville based professional editing service that specializes in editing and revising short documents such as cover letters and resumes as well as academic papers, plus book-length manuscripts like novels and memoir.

We are two college professors teaching academic writing to ESL students and first-year college students. We have helped hundreds of students revise their college essays and academic papers. We have also guided creative writers to polish their novels and memoirs.

Why hire an editor? There are many ways you can benefit from using a professional editing service like ours.

To name a few:

You’ll be able to relax knowing your writing is error free.

Your writing will improve once you see the errors you’re prone to make and how to correct them.

Your work will look professional, helping you land that job, get your writing published, or make a good grade.

You’ll be able to focus on your goals instead of wasting energy and time trying to edit your manuscript on your own.

We help…

Job Seekers

Need help updating a resume or drafting a cover letter for a job posting? Four Eyes Edit has you covered. We’ll revise your existing resume and cover letter to get you that interview.


Working on a novel or memoir and need feedback? We can look over your manuscript for errors, assess story structure, dialogue, and pacing. We’ll help you level up your manuscript before submitting to publishers or agents.


Need someone to double check your work before turning in your college essay, thesis, or academic paper? We’ll proofread your paper so you don’t lose points for grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors and provide feedback to clarify your thesis. We’ve edited many undergrads and graduate students’ academic writing and we’d love to offer our expertise to you as well!

Four Eyes Edit is a team of editors with more than 10 years of professional experience.

We’ve honed our skills at Scholastic, McGraw-Hill, and the University of Memphis. Since 2008, we’ve been helping writers of all kinds get from draft to done.

We’ve helped self-published authors develop their romance, thriller, murder mystery, and literary fiction novels into publishable books. We’ve edited student papers to achieve better grades and polish their thesis. We’ve had the privilege of assisting job seekers in reaching their career goals with a clean, professional looking resume.

Everyone could use an extra pair of eyes on their writing. Our professional editing service will get you from draft to done!

To learn more about our services, click here. Learn more about our editors here, and click over to our pricing page to get an estimate on the cost of your project.

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