Clearing Out Clichés

A cliché is an overused metaphor such as: dead as a doornail cat got your tongue barking up the wrong tree out of the frying pan and into the fire it’s not rocket science at the end of the day on the same page needless to say (But yet, you’re still going to say it,

Nail Your Dialogue!

Do you like writing dialogue? Many writers do. They think written dialogue should imitate natural speech with the ummms and pauses interjected. However, this only comes off making the speech sound and read hesitant, and quickly bogs down the scenes. The reader has to be entertained and move through the scene without having to reread

Books for Screenwriters

Some recommended books for aspiring screenwriters and experienced screenwriters. Screenplay: The Foundations of Screenwriting by Sid Field This is one of the original books on screenwriting by the bestselling author, lecturer, and teacher. His bestselling book has been updated to include current films and new personal anecdotes that illustrate key concepts. He outlines how to