Be positive!

As in life, so it is in writing. Be positive!

Express yourself in positive language. Say what it is, not what it is not. It isn’t clear to say “it wasn’t this” or “it wasn’t that.”

I would rather read something that tells me directly what something is than make me have to figure out its opposite. Use specific and concrete language.


Joey is not on time very often.  Joey is usually late. (better)

There was unfavorable weather last week. It rained five days in a row last week. (more specific)

He is not pleasant.  Well, what is he exactly?

  • He is grumpy.
  • He is irritable.
  • He is insensitive.
  • He is foul-mouthed.

These sentences give me a clearer picture of this person. The first makes me ask: How so?