Write Now, Edit Later

Writing and editing take place in two different parts of the brain.

If you try to do both at the same time, you won’t get very far. It’s like trying to move your hand across the page while erasing what you wrote with the other hand.

There is a better way. Start by brainstorming. Just jot down ideas, short sentences and phrases. It doesn’t have to be a complete masterpiece by Shakespeare; you’re just trying to get started on your writing project. Google “Mind Map” and you’ll find there are free software applications that can help you get started with diagrams to organize the ideas in your head.

After you think you have gathered enough material, you can start a first draft. Try to write an introductory paragraph from some of the phrases and ideas that you culled from your brainstorming or mind mapping. This begins the process of flushing out your ideas into something more concrete.

Writing is a gradual process of organizing your thoughts into complete and coherent sentences. To arrive at a final, error-free copy, one must do a lot of scribbling and revising.

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