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Our professional editors will get you from draft to done! 


Sometimes you need a new reader to figure out what’s working for your story and what’s not.

Often considered a "macro edit," this type of editing involves a read-through of your manuscript, followed by detailed feedback on all aspects of your story. We analyze your manuscript for the following:

Pacing (Do scenes move the action forward?)

Redundancies (repetition of details or narrator's thoughts)

Shifts in tense and point of view

Dialogue (Do the characters sound different from one another? Does the dialogue move the action forward?)

Inconsistencies (Does the action follow correct and logical order?)

We'll let you know what's working and what's not and offer suggestions for improvement. This service applies to drafts of novels, memoirs, and articles. Our editorial feedback service is different than proofreading or copyediting. If you’re interested in this service, we recommend you request it before a copyedit. 

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Everyone makes mistakes, but we can fix them! There’s more than one way to edit a manuscript. When we copyedit, we check that the text adheres to the mechanics of language: grammar, punctuation, spelling, and usage, as well as revise sentences for clarity. 

When we proofread a document, we check for typos, misspellings, and punctuation errors. We recommend this service for manuscripts that are almost finalized, i.e. have had most of their grammatical errors corrected but could benefit from a fresh set of eyes before publication. 

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