$125 & up

COLLEGE Essay / Academic paper
$100 - EDIT /Proofread ONLY

Hire a professional editor to receive developmental feedback and comments on your short story and improve your writing.

  • 5,000 words = $50.00

  • 7,000 words = $70.00

  • 10,000 words = $100.00  

We offer developmental feedback that look at the concept and overall potential of your book.

This service includes the following:

  • Edits to your manuscript’s development and structure

  • Suggestions for improving consistency, readability, tone, and storyline

  • Identify any plot gaps, missing elements, or redundancies 

  • Final comments and a review at the end of the book

The following items will be included in the final delivery:

A Word document with in-line comments marked.

An editorial note outlining overall feedback on your short story: what’s working and what isn’t.

  • $3.95 / page for reviewing a MS Word document and making copyediting corrections

  • this service depends on whether a manuscript needs a light, medium, or heavy copyedit

  • copyediting corrects grammatical mistakes, inconsistencies, and repetition

  • $2.95 /page for proofreading a MS Word document

  • proofreading addresses typos, spelling mistakes, punctuation and capitalization errors

How It Works:

For short documents: resumes, cover letters, college essays, or academic papers—we require full payment.

Please email your document (resume, essay, master’s thesis, or sample of your book manuscript) to:

 If submitting a sample of your book-length manuscript, please choose one from a middle chapter. 

Submit payment by scanning the QR code below with your preferred method of payment: 

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For book-length manuscripts, we require half payment. After the final editing stage is complete, the remaining balance of the total fee should be paid immediately.